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Welcome the leaders of Hengxing constructionMaterials visit and Guide

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Welcome the leaders of Hengxing constructionMaterials visit and Guide

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November 30, Guangdong Foshan Hengxing plastic constructionMaterials Co., Ltd ushered in the leadership guidance.They gave full recognition to the scientific and technological achievements and achievements of Hengxing Company in the past. At the same time, in view of the future layout, market positioning, and innovation direction of Hengxing Company in the future, they combined with national policies. The future trend and so on put forward the guidance opinion and the suggestion!
Chen Boheng, chairman of HengXing constructionMaterials, briefed the visiting leaders on the development of the company and its products, and looked forward to further strengthening cooperation between enterprises and industry alliances and jointly promoting the long-term development of the constructionmaterials industry.
The "Strategic Alliance for Technical Innovation of constructionMoulding Industry" is guided by the demand for technological innovation of strategic industry and regional pillar industry, and takes the enterprise as the main body and diversification. Combining multi-level independent R & D with open cooperative innovation, aiming at forming the core competitiveness of the industry, focusing on optimizing the technological innovation chain of the constructionmould frame industry, we are committed to breaking through the technical bottleneck of the technological innovation and industrial development of the constructionmould frame material. Improve the overall level of the constructionmold frame industry.
In recent years, Heng Xing has always attached importance to human resources management innovation, pay attention to staff training, respect talent, protect the rights and interests of employees, build a fruitful corporate culture, and set up a good brand image. The introduction of new human resource management theories, methods and technologies will have a positive effect on the overall development of the enterprise and the formulation of the strategy, which will help the enterprise to establish a good brand image of the employer and enhance the employee satisfaction. Improved human resources management has made outstanding contributions.
Hengxing road will be even broader!
We're going stronger!
Do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, to complete the mission, my heart eternal!
A piece of perseverance covers the world!