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Light environmental protection roof constructionmaterial-ASA synthetic resin tile

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Light environmental protection roof constructionmaterial-ASA synthetic resin tile

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In the current society, synthetic resin tile is a new type of constructionmaterial that many countries recommend and popularize, especially in many developed countries. It is particularly popular with some developing countries.Because the synthetic resin tile is not only environmentally friendly, but also has excellent energy saving effect and can be used again, these characteristics have been recognized and welcomed by the major engineers all over the world.
Hengxing ASA synthetic resin tile adopts super high weathering resistant and non-corrosive engineering resin ASA through advanced co-extrusion technology and special molding technology.Cast with advanced production equipment and exquisite production technology.
In Europe, America and other developed countries, the use of synthetic resin tile has been used for decades.So that it can be applied to the roof of many permanent buildings, its most obvious advantage is that it has gorgeous decorative effect and super waterproof performance, so that the roof leakage and other phenomena no longer occur.
Hengxing ASA synthetic resin tile in the constructionmaterials market is very competitive.The new constructionmaterials developed by the latest chemical and chemical technology have excellent corrosion resistance, weathering resistance and no deformation.Light weight and high impact strength.A variety of color selection, complete accessories, color lasting.The utility model has the advantages of light weight, easy handling, high strength, and is not easy to be damaged, and has excellent waterproof and moistureproof performance, making the living more comfortable.Also has anticorrosion, flame retardant, heat insulation and other characteristics.
Under the low temperature environment in the north, the performance of the tile should be stable, the bearing capacity of the synthetic resin tile should be strong, and the bearing capacity of the synthetic resin tile should also be tested in the rain and snow environment in the north.In low temperature areas, even if the roof is covered with snow all the year round, the tile surface will not cause surface damage and fracture.After testing, in the case of support distance 660mm, loading 150 kg, tile will not produce cracks and damage.
As a result, synthetic resin tile is now a lot of large, medium and small projects have a very wide range of applications.Such as flat slope, residential luxury villas, sunshade, farmers markets and other fields are used in large quantities.
The advantages of synthetic resin tile and market trends determine that synthetic resin tile is an important position in the market is irreplaceable!
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