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Heng Xing PVC heat insulation transparent tile with both daylighting and UV resistance

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Heng Xing PVC heat insulation transparent tile with both daylighting and UV resistance

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Hengxing PVC heat insulation transparent tile is a new type of semi-permeable tile developed byHengxing constructionmaterials according to the feedback of customers, using special technology and formula. It makes the indoor light bright and soft when it is paved on the roof of the factory building. Through a special standard formula, when the roof shines sunlight, you can avoid direct light, and do not like the traditional transparent tile, the accumulation of heat caused by the indoor temperature too high! Compared with the traditional lighting tile, it can avoid direct light and make the bright line soft. At the same time, through the rational formulation design, the aging and weathering resistance of the traditional daylighting tile has been improved significantly, and the service life of the shingle is more than 2 times of that of the ordinary transparent tile. At the same time, it contains anti-ultraviolet agent, has longer aging resistance time, using glazed tile waveform design, more beautiful and generous, with a certain degree of appreciation, with various types of PVC tile matching.
Hengxing PVC heat insulation transparent tile has: good weather resistance, strong insulation, good durability, high impact strength, good wind resistance, good resistance to typhoons, excellent chemical corrosion resistance, appropriate transmittance, containing special anti-aging ingredients, In addition, excellent chemical corrosion resistance, ammonia and other adverse environment, can be used for long-term. Advantages: compared with colored steel plate, galvanized plate and asbestos tile, Heng Xing PVC thermal insulation transparent tile has a low thermal conductivity, UV basically cannot penetrate the tile layer, and the positive surface of the tile reflects most of the sunlight energy, and the surface temperature is far lower than that of the asbestos tile. Color steel sandwich tile. The house built with HengxingPVC heat insulation and transparent tile can not be affected by the outside sunshine, will not cause the house temperature to rise sharply because of the inflammation day, and has good weather resistance, and can keep the quality and strength of the product for a long time.
Excellent chemical corrosion resistance: After testing, Hengxing PVC tile exposed to ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive gases for a long time, the product is not discoloration, not embrittlement; acid, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance. Can resist the erosion of ammonia gas. 
To meet the requirement of daylighting and resist UV: Heng xing PVC heat insulation durable wave tile has a full light transmittance of 6-8%, of which the scattering light transmittance is 6-8, the parallel light transmittance is 0, and the inside is bright and soft. Special anti-aging ingredients, combined with excellent chemical resistance, can be used for a long time in harsh environments such as ammonia gas, with simple process and lower final cost. However, the common colored steel plate in the high concentration of ammonia gas environment 1-2 years will occur serious corrosion and perforation phenomenon, so that the need to replace the plate is also increasing the cost. 
The value of Heng xing PVC semi-permeable tile: As a high quality functional product, it can be widely used in the construction of all kinds of roof, especially for permanent or semi-permanent use, requiring high insulation, such as factory building, warehouse, car shed, farmers' market, ceramic factory, Livestock ranch and so on.