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The company participated in the fourth session of the international shoe industry fair China ended.

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The company participated in the fourth session of the international shoe industry fair China ended.

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Three days of the fourth session of the international shoe industry China fair and the tile industry exhibition in May 14th successfully concluded. In this exhibition, fully prepared to do the company. The exhibition through this platform, can widen the Hengxing influence, was more well known.
In order to successfully participate in this exhibition, Hengxing all staff dedication, cooperation. Especially the sales staff in-depth understanding and knowledge of the product, the product performance, structure and parameters in mind. Ceremonial reception uniform clothing and dress, with a good mental outlook in the face of every customer, and establish a good mental outlook Hengxing company.
Customers from all over the world to Hengxing products with interest.
Building template favorite customers in the company developed a unique and.
For the maintenance of the old customers, develop new customers, and exhibition gifts were pre show publicity.
We first through the company's official website, the official Micro message, micro-blog platform of the preheating reports.
During the show, we collect and patiently answer customers in response to questions Hengxing brand, and keep relevant records, do the follow-up tracking service.
During the exhibition "Soufangwang" journalists specialized on Hengxing building materials responsible person interviewed, asked about the development of the company's history of corporate culture, the scale of the problem is hot, this shows that "becoming Hengxing" brand of more powerful, more Hengxing concern Soufangwang, search Hengxing building materials, can obtain more consultation.
In general, the customers for our products are satisfactory, whether it is design, price, or quality, are very satisfied, in many competitors, how to maintain old customers, new customers. Improve the company's products in the market share, this is we can not ignore the problem.
The company adhere to the "Germany first, give full scope to the talents" employing the principle and management idea; "professionalism, communication, self-discipline" as the basic connotation of leading public opinion, enhance their sense of responsibility, communication and coordination skills, promote team spirit, to achieve "the development of enterprises" human resource management objectives.
We will be "to provide the best products" and "for the community to create greater value for customers" as the core, make the enterprise, innovation cooperation enterprise.
The production of first-class products, provide first-class services, create first-class brand, cultivate first-class talents, first-class enterprise.
The "people-oriented, honest" business ethics with "leading technology" scientific spirit, for the progress of the industry, create value for society, strive for staff development and well-being, to provide quality products and services to customers, promote the customer more development as the ultimate goal of our.
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