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PVC Heat Insulation transparent sheet

PVC Heat Insulation transparent sheet

PVC Translucent Sheet is a sky lighting product according to customers feedback, can avoid direct light compared with traditional transparent sheet, make indoor light comfortable. At the same time, In
Product description
PVC Translucent Sheet is a sky lighting product according to customers feedback, can avoid direct light compared with traditional transparent sheet,make indoor light comfortable. At the same time, Increase the aging resistance and weather resistance compare with traditional product. Extend the Life time very much.


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The utility model can not only heat the room but also block the conduction of heat and conduction, and avoids the disadvantage of the high temperature, such as the normal full-transparent tile, with direct sunlight.
The light that passes through is soft and comfortable.
Containing anti-ultraviolet agents, etc., a longer anti-aging time, so the service life is more than twice the normal full-transparent tile. The waveform design of glazed tiles is more beautiful and has a certain degree of appreciation. The improved design of the edge wave height enhances the waterproof performance of the product.
The conventional width is: 1100mm, the effective width is 1000mm, and the effective utilization rate is as high as 90.9%.
The edge wave height is 36mm, the middle wave height is 24mm.10mm, and the wave pitch is 200mm. This product is matched with all kinds of shaped PVC tiles.
1. Installation lap: reinforced wave and trapezoidal tiles take a wave position horizontally (plastic steel tile laps two waves, when the span exceeds 24 meters, it is recommended to lap three waves) recommended length of vertical lap joint is less than 250mm, according to The direction of flow and the direction of the flow of the wind are determined by lap (up and down) levels to avoid leakage due to installation.
2. Installation and fixation: It is recommended to use Hang Seng matching stainless steel pressure piece and other fixed parts for fixing. When the pistol is drilled, special plastic drill bit is needed. The diameter of the drill bit is slightly larger than the diameter of the fixed part (1mm), which reserves space for plastic expansion and contraction. ), ensure that the hole edge is smooth when opening the hole to avoid stress concentration, and the hole should be particularly careful when the weather is cold.
3. So the fixing parts should be installed in the wave top position, and ensure that the fixing part is perpendicular to the tile surface, and the fixing part cannot be tightened too tightly so as to avoid deformation of the wavy tile and water leakage.
4. The number of fasteners needs to be guaranteed to be not less than 6 per square meter. A waterproof cap can be installed above the fasteners. The wave tiles are set in the peripheral part of the scaffold. Please increase the number of fixtures properly and ensure that the part of the wave tiles protruding from the roof is Within 100mm.
5. Please keep the span below 700mm when installing, so as not to cause the roof to fall down and cause water leakage.
Product use: Hengxing insulation lighting tile
Use time: 2006
Use area: about 300,000 m2


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