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PVC plastic steel tile can solve the problem of acid rain corrosion of roof

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PVC plastic steel tile can solve the problem of acid rain corrosion of roof

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As the global climate continues to change, acid rain areas show a gradual increase in numbers every year.
Buildings and tile tops will be corroded by acid rain, and the metal and iron sheets will become even more serious. The oxygen and water contained in the atmosphere will increasingly corrode the colored steel tiles of mobile houses, especially the sulfur dioxide in the air. Chloride ions and acid rain, the corrosion of metals will soon become even more severe. Cracks, and even serious leaks, will cause light rain in heavy rain outside.
Galvanized tiles (iron tiles) rust badly so how can we prevent this problem?
In the building materials market, there are many kinds of tiles, and some high molecular compounds with corrosion resistance should be used to make roof tiles.
PVC plastic steel tile is made of PVC resin PVC as main raw material and other chemical raw materials. It is a new type of environmental protection tile.
PVC plastic tile is also called plastic tile, the biggest characteristic is that it has very good corrosion resistance, which becomes the absolute advantage of PVC plastic steel tile replacing iron sheet tile in some fields.
Most importantly, in view of anti-corrosion this characteristic, Heng Xing R & D department specially for this experiment.You may rest assured of using it.
It is proved by experiment that there is no chemical reaction for 24 hours in the solution of w PVC plastic steel tile in salt, alkali and less than 60% acid, and it can resist corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances for a long time.Very suitable for acid rain prone areas, corrosive plant and coastal areas.
The multi-layer co-extrusion composite technology is used for PVC plastic steel tile. The anti-aging layer is coated on the surface of the product, which improves the weathering resistance and increases the wear-resistant layer on the bottom surface.It can be used in the roof and wall of large span gate steel structure. It can not only meet the anti-corrosion requirements of light steel structure factory, but also save steel and reduce the cost.
But corrosion resistance is not the only characteristic of PVC steel tile, and it is not enough to do this. The real PVC tile should not only have its own characteristics, but also have all the properties of the sheet metal tile.
As a new type of roof tile, it has the advantages of superior waterproofing, anticorrosion, load resistance, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, and so on. It is widely used in industrial factories, warehouses, farmers' markets, and market channels. Car shed, roof, etc.
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