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ASA synthetic resin tile is better than ABS engineering resin

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ASA synthetic resin tile is better than ABS engineering resin

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As we known that the long life of the resin tile is related to the bottom material, and is closely related to the engineering resin of the surface layer. In addition to preventing UV and fading, the surface resin must have the function of fire prevention and aging resistance.
In the market Many manufacturers are now "working hard" on the surface layer engineering resin raw materials because of cost savings. The most commonly used is the ASA engineering resin. There is also a market price of more than 30, 000 tons of ABS engineering resin, while the market price of ABS is only several thousand yuan a ton, relatively, very cheap.Under a very similar appearance, how much can there be a difference in performance?Let's analyze the difference between the two in detail.
The basic properties of ABS are 
1, The hot deformation temperature is low, but the heat-resistant ABS can reach 115 ℃, embrittlement temperature is -7 ℃.
2, Combustible, general grade ABS combustion level is only HB.
The resin tile of this surface layer looks very similar to the resin tile of ASA. In the process of production, when the surface material is used, the thickness of the weatherproof layer of the plate is insufficient or uneven, which will lead to problems such as fading, deformation, embrittlement, and so on. Once there is contact with the fire source, Fire will not have flame-retardant effect, not up to the residential fire standard.
Compared with ABS, the basic properties of ASA are about 10 times higher than that of ABS because of the introduction of acrylate rubber without double bond to replace butadiene rubber. Belongs to the flame retardant, meets the basic housing fire protection request.