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Ceramic, wallpaper, ecological decorative board waterproofing performance compare.

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Ceramic, wallpaper, ecological decorative board waterproofing performance compare.

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The leakage, seepage or damp of the wall directly result in the beauty of the whole interior greatly discounted; the Rain Water permeates the exterior wall, erodes the decoration of the wall, and the furniture in contact with the wall is easy to become moldy and rot; the residual water of the building gives out the wall, Causes metope discoloration, moldy, fall off and so on; affects the beauty but also brings the living inconvenience.
So in the wall decoration time to choose waterproof material, prevent moisture penetration, keep the wall dry.
1, ceramic tile is on the market at present the back of the ceramic tile is very easy to absorb water.
Ceramic  will produce certain expansion after absorbing water, the water absorption rate of ceramic tile is generally high, the surface of ceramic tile is cracked because of expansion, the dirty matter in water is easily inhaled, and it is used for a long time, resulting in the discoloration of ceramic tile and the water seepage of the wall. It's even easier to smell.
2, wallpapers are usually, we all know moldy, must have something to do with water.
If the wallpaper is in the damp and impassable air environment for a long time, no matter which season, the indoor as long as accidentally engaged in a lot of water, it is very easy to cause the air moist, also easy to flow the water to the wall root seepage, causes the wallpaper to crack moldy, affects the beauty.
3. Autiven Ecological Decoration Board is a new type of environmental protection decorative board, which is mainly made of new PVC polymer materials and has rich color surface effect through exquisite technical processing. After UV special high light treatment, the decorative product with marble texture pattern is formed, which meets people's favorite requirements for product appearance, color and texture.
It can not only prevent the harm of radioactive material to human body, but also save natural resources, achieve the comprehensive effect of environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction.
The following is a demonstration of the waterproofing properties of the decorative panels:
This is a schematic diagram of the Attivan Ecological Decoration, which was shot after a 30-minute interval and the water droplets did not penetrate the interior of the decorative pane
The decoration effect of using ecological decoration board is a cup of clear tea in the hall of Aotwine Marble Ecological Decoration Board, three or five good friends, showing their mood and comforting the warm words altogether.A glass of red wine, two-point leisure, save mind and safety, mind and body calm, tired out.
The bedroom that uses Aotwine to imitate marble adornment board no matter early summer autumn winter simple natural decoration style can always fill tired heart.It is the harbor of good dreams, the cradle of happiness.
Restaurant with Audivan Marble Decoration this is a place to share love, a strong love to share and sublimate in the warmth of fried and fried.
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