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Why are many factories with mostly blue roofs?

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Why are many factories with mostly blue roofs?

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Walking in the industrial area and looking at it, we will find that the roofs of many factories are mostly blue. What is the reason?
Blue bright, beautiful and generous building with do clothes and hats, in addition to wearing must want to look chic and beautiful.The roof is the house's clothes, blue tiles and tile design, play a decisive role in the factory's appearance.The roof tile is much more important than a man's coat.If the coat is not suitable and not beautiful, it can be changed immediately, but not the tile. If not, it is not easy to change the tile. It costs money and hours.So the roof tile choice time must not be careless.
Blue eye-catching, clearly marked next * where is the company?"many customers who visited the factory said that when the flow of people was very high, they did not find the company very quickly, and often walked into a sweat.To this end, many factory owners to their own factory building to re-establish the roof, take a more obvious blue PVC tile, so that customers can find the company in the first time, avoid wasting time on the way to find the plant.
The blue molecular structure is stable, and the lasting color of the factory building is to live for decades or even hundreds of years. If the roof tiles are not chosen well, fade quickly, and have to be renovated and maintained, it is very troublesome.On the current roofing building materials market, the most long-lived roofing tile of a factory building has a PVC plastic tile made from the scientific formula of PVC resin and advanced technology. It has a common color of blue, gray and white, green and so on, among which the blue molecular structure is more stable. More durable, there is little need for maintenance during use.Then match the blue solid sink, the overall color set off against each other, integrated.If you encounter a lasting Rain Water weather, the roof drainage is smoother!
Blue PVC has a tight molecular structure and stronger corrosion resistance. The blue PVC anticorrosive tile is difficult to be corroded by acid and alkali because of its molecular structure. Unlike iron sheet tiles, it is not only treated in the outer layer, but essentially resistant to chemical corrosion.Especially in coastal cities, salt fog erosion areas are very suitable.For example, Hengxing blue PVC tile has made a great contribution in this area. As a roof tile manufacturer since its establishment for 28 years, PVC tile is sold well in South China, Central China, East China and other regions. Dealers also cover northwest and Inner Mongolia, and the products are exported to all parts of the world.
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