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The important role of ASA synthetic Resin Pad in the Slope improvement Project

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The important role of ASA synthetic Resin Pad in the Slope improvement Project

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The important role of ASA synthetic resin tile in slope improvement works "leveling slope engineering" refers to the reconstruction of multi-storey residential flat roof into sloping roof under the condition of constructionstructure, and the renovation of the outer facade. In order to improve the housing performance and the visual effect of the building, the effect of the house repair is mainly reflected in leakage prevention, heat preservation and heat insulation, and it can also improve the urban landscape and help to prolong the building's service life.
From 2010, the project of "leveling slope" began to expand from the first tier city to the second and third tier city, and the number of the "level change slope" project gradually increased.The "leveling slope" project in Shanghai has effectively solved the problem of roof leakage.
According to statistics, before the renovation, the roof leakage rate of these houses is quite high.
In the course of transformation, the application of new technology and new materials, especially the use of new lightweight material ASA synthetic resin tile, can reduce the bearing capacity of buildings and greatly improve the performance of roof heat preservation and heat insulation.
After the renovation, the roof leakage was basically eliminated, and after several years of Meiyu and typhoon rainstorms, they stood the test, and in a long period of time, they improved the performance of the buildings and improved the living environment of the people. Improve the city landscape level and housing performance.
According to residents on the top floor, summer indoor temperatures are 4 degrees Celsius lower than before, winter is not too cold, and living comfort is greatly improved.
The old residential buildings have been renovated with ASA synthetic resin tile, which has improved the use function, solved the problems of leakage and heat insulation of the houses, increased the scientific and technological content and value of the old houses, and prolonged their service life. Has improved the resident's living environment quality, has become the real "popular support project".At the same time, the retrofitted sloping roof completely clears the illegally constructed doves, television antennas, and other illegal structures built on the roof, eliminates the hidden dangers of housing safety and the dead corner of health, has a strong three-dimensional feeling on the roof, coordinates colors, and beautifies the appearance of the city. Inherited the regional context, promoted and formed a new urban landscape, has been widely supported and praised by the community and the general population.