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Looking forward to constructiona distant future! Warmly celebrate Hengxing "Guangdong Zhonghong Yang Construction Technology Co.

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Looking forward to constructiona distant future! Warmly celebrate Hengxing "Guangdong Zhonghong Yang Construction Technology Co.

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July 5-10, HengXing -Guangdong Zhonghong Yang Construction Technology Co., Ltd. opened a grand ceremony in the South China Sea Wanda Plaza!
As a brand of Hengxing constructionMaterials-Guangdong Zhonghong Yang Construction Technology Co., Ltd., with strong capacity advantages and professional quality assurance, has achieved a long-term success in the best-selling market.
The development of Zhonghong Yang, accompanied by numerous achievements, they are like a milestone, intense red sun to continue to move forward, for the people to create a better future.
Guangdong Zhonghong yang construction technology co., Ltd.-Chen
Co., Ltd. Is headquartered in the office constructionof Wanda plaza in Guicheng, south china sea, Foshan. The factory is located at the side of Guangqing high-speed Yinzhang toll station in Qingyuan city, Guangdong province The factory covers an area of about 15000 square meters, with experienced sales team and professional service team.
With professional aluminum formwork construction guidance team and industry-leading old plate renovation ability, to provide customers with a full range of services.From pre-sale product consultation to after-sale product service, we provide high-quality and good service.
The guests attending the event were Zhao Yajun, executive vice president of the China scaffolding Association; Wang Shitong, professor of South China University of Technology; Han Zhiyong, chairman of Zhongmo International; and Chairman of the Foshan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Guangdong Xinmingzhu Ceramics Group Co., Ltd., Chairman Ye Delin-couple, Foshan Nanhai Hengxing plastic constructionMaterials Co., Ltd.-Chen Boheng and other leaders.
The theme dinner of this activity, "looking ahead and constructiona distant future", was held in the beautiful Taoyuan of South China.More than a hundred invited guests and media friends attended the evening dinner.
Under the guidance of relevant departments, under the guidance of the relevant departments, HengXing  Co., Ltd. is the leader of all kinds of enterprises and universities in the field of constructionmould frames. The technological innovation system and collaborative development platform composed by scientific research institutions combine production, education and research with the aim of forming the core competitiveness of the industry by combining diversified and multi-level independent R & D with development cooperation and innovation. Focusing on optimizing the technological innovation chain of the constructionmould frame, using the market mechanism to gather innovative resources, effectively through the technology research and development, product manufacturing, sales channels, personnel exchange, and so on, effectively improve efficiency and greatly save costs. Finally, the development pattern of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation will be realized.
In the event site of the China Architecture Society constructionconstruction branch formwork scaffolding and precast constructionconstruction professional committee from the site of the certificate, for this activity added to the cake!
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Hengxing senior leaders and dealers photo 
Of aluminum alloy formwork system advantages:
1.The quality of concrete pouring is good.
2.Assembly, split, easy to learn.
3.It has a wide range of applications.
4.Bearing wall, high safety and stability.
5.The recycling times are many and the comprehensive economic benefit is high.
6.The construction efficiency is high and the construction period is short.
7.The recovery value is high.
HengXing -Zhonghong Yang Architecture Technology Co., Ltd will adhere to the "integrity, professional" business philosophy, to customer needs as a standard, follow the "professional, considerate, rapid, credible" sales and service purposes, through communication with consumers and society, Let more people benefit.