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Hengxing Materials' "Continue to be Good", with us to care for children, care for vulnerable groups

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Hengxing Materials' "Continue to be Good", with us to care for children, care for vulnerable groups

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Hengxing construction materialtion material Materials' 29th Anniversary of Hengxing construction Materials not only focuses on the management of enterprises, but also devotes itself to giving back to society and contributing its own strength to participate in all kinds of social activities every year.
As a well-known enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, Hengxing constructionMaterials has never stopped its efforts and practices in the cause of public welfare. On May 26, it was launched byHengxing constructionMaterials as the leader of the charitable public welfare activities of "caring for good deeds and warming people's hearts". United with many caring enterprises and people from all walks of life, they went to Foshan Sanshui Children's Welfare Home and Shunde Welfare Home for charity and charity donation.
In understanding the needs of welfare institutions, dedicated to their own love, for the welfare of children a modest contribution. Bring children a variety of practical items, such as lockers, diapers, electric fans and rice, and their favorite foods.
Under the guidance of the staff of the welfare home, he visited the children in the children's constructionof the welfare home.


According to the staff of the welfare home, most of the welfare homes are homeless and disabled children now. On weekdays, the arrival of loving people makes the children especially excited. The kindness and kindness of the people make the children feel the care and warmth of the society.  
In the afternoon, the loving personage and his party came to Shunde Children's Welfare Home to visit the winged angels here.
Hengxing constructiong Material-General  said: "this kind of public welfare we are willing to continue to do, every child needs to be loved. We give our love, can also experience happiness, have a grateful heart is the most important thing. I also find it worthwhile to help these lovely children to create a happy, comfortable environment to live in. "