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Hengxing construction materialtion material Materials 29th anniversary celebration party successfully concluded, thank you all t

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Hengxing construction materialtion material Materials 29th anniversary celebration party successfully concluded, thank you all t

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Hengxing construction materialtion material Materials 29 th Anniversary Dinner ended successfully last night. 
Hengxing through 29 years of ups and downs is your hard work and selfless dedication, so that Hengxing again and again to brilliant. Here, to Heng Xing's brilliant colleagues paid hard sweat, express heartfelt thanks! Thank you for your company, you have worked hard. At the same time, we also want to express our sincere thanks to our partners who have been supporting Heng Hing's development. I sincerely wish you all a prosperous business and rich resources.
Thank you very much for accompanying Heng Xing through 29 years. Hengxing brand can have today's development, is inseparable from everyone's support. Heng Xing Company from scratch, from small to large, industrious and pragmatic way to create remarkable performance, all this can not do without our founder of Heng Xing-Chen Dong.
Our founder of Heng Xing-Chen Dong
Hengxing adhering to the people-oriented concept, every employee birthday, the company has sent birthday gifts and warm blessings, small blessings reflect the company's humanistic care corporate culture, a blessing, a true love, a happy, Let the staff deeply feel the warmth and care of the enterprise family. Let every employee feel the care of the enterprise, create a safe harbor for the staff, create a warm and harmonious family. Multiple raffle sessions are real cash awards. "this day is special because of you. Happy birthday! Is we send you the warmest and sincere blessing! Thank you for paying for Heng Hing, hard work, our lovable person! " The evening party in Heng xing family chorus song the complete end curtain!
Thinking about the source of water, we know that every point of progress and success made by Hengxing can not be separated from your concern, trust, support and participation; every time you participate, every suggestion makes us excited and urges us to keep on advancing. With you, our journey ahead will have endless confidence and strength; with you, our cause can flourish and develop unabashedly!