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China (Guangzhou) International Integrated Residential Industry Exposition (Wash) concluded today

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ragon Boat Festival
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Hengxing PVC plastic steel roofing tile and photovoltaic modules are good companion
Hengxing products —— new and upgraded pvc planting gutter
2018 China (Guangzhou) international tile trade fair and tile industry exhibition Foshan Nanhai Hengxing plastic Construction Ma

China (Guangzhou) International Integrated Residential Industry Exposition (Wash) concluded today

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China (Guangzhou) International Integrated Residential Industry Exposition (Wash) concluded today
Hengxing construction materialtion material Material wish all mothers in the world-Happy Mother's Day!
As we grew up day by day, our parents grew older day by day, and gradually grew gray hair. When we were young, we did not know anything before. When we saw the white hair of our parents, we would only laugh and say that you are old. Now we think of the vicissitudes of our parents and their hard work. It's all for the happiness of our children. In order to give us a good environment, when we grow up, we should not worry about our parents. We should do what we can to help parents share the burden and lighten the burden on their shoulders, such as going home to wash dishes. Sweeping the floor, hammering parents, washing clothes and so on we can do, we should do it actively, let parents rest.
No matter how busy, find time to spend time with your parents! Well, on this special day-Mother's Day, let's look back at the wonderful clips during the Hengxing constructionMaterials Fair, during which our company exhibited the ASA synthetic resin tile, the strong composite tile. Anti-corrosion, weatherproof and heat insulation sandwich tile APVC-A weatherproof composite tile PVC anticorrosive gutterUV lithotripe ecological decoration board, has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign customers, attracted many representatives to come to know and consult, through our staff's professional explanation demonstration, Get everybody unanimous high praise and highly appreciate.
Guangdong TV media interview with our company
During the exhibition the company has a strategic direction for product development and consumer demand. Our company is also adhering to the concept of "continuous development, unlimited innovation", and strive to step forward with steady steps through more advanced technical means and the form of independent innovation! At the same time, HengXing  Company also warmly welcomes all friends to visit the factory. During the exhibition, foreign businessmen who come to the factory to visit Hengxing are warmly welcome.
Hengxing all the elite group photo
Standing with the present and looking forward to the future, Hengxing will continue to work hard, innovate thinking, strengthen management, strive for excellence, strictly control quality, further improve the quality of products, and strive to provide higher quality products and services for the vast number of customers. We always carry out the service principle of customer first, constantly improve and improve the supporting facilities of technology, make steady progress, increase high quality products, create more development, and Hengxing constructionMaterials strive to make greater contribution to the society. Create greater social and economic benefits!
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